• Overview of SIMA's Off-Grid Solar & Financial Access Senior Debt Fund

  • Why solar power is spreading so quickly in Africa

  • SIMA's CEO speaking at the World Economic Forum, 2009

  • Mobil using drones in East Africa to deliver solar products

Off-Grid Solar

Nizam Bilji

Nizam Bilji is tackling energy access in Pakistan

Wilkins Engineering, Ghana

SolarNow: Stories of Change in Uganda

Simpa Networks

Using PAYG technology to make solar products affordable.

Boond (India)

Angaza Design

How financial technology is enabling the off-grid solar market.


offers an on-grid experience in an off-grid world powered through a unique financing model to sell solar systems to the mass market on a monthly payment plan.

Nokero Solar

With products distributed in over 120 countries, Nokero is a catalyst for economic and community growth.

Fenix Intl

Fenix International, in partnership with MTN Uganda, has developed an ultra-affordable Pay As You Go energy solution designed to bring safe lighting, phone charging and more to people living off-grid across the country.


Using drones in East Africa to deliver solar products.

Impacting Investing Field

SIMA'S CEO speaking at the World Economic Forum, 2008

SIMA's CEO speaking at the World Economic Forum, 2009

SIMA's CEO speaking at the World Economic Forum, 2010

Global Commercial Microfinance Consortium II (2014, Deutsche Bank)

June 2014

Report—Clean Energy Services For All: Financing Universal Electrification. Sierra Club.

“We propose a new approach to end energy poverty that is founded on a clean energy model of delivery and reflects real world investment opportunities and needs. Taken in sum, we believe this approach—Clean Energy Services for All (CES4All)—represents the cheapest, most effective means of delivering on energy access goals, and we urge public and private financiers to align investment priorities accordingly.”

January 19, 2015

Presentation—Richenda Van Leeuwen, UN Foundation: The Future of Energy Innovation: Applications for Off-grid Energy in Developing Countries

December 2015

Brief–Current Trends in International Funding for Financial Inclusion (CGAP)

“There was an increasing interest [from funders] in digital financial services and a rapid and sustained growth in funding to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Going forward, funders report that they will increase their funding to sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and continue to focus on supporting FSPs, as well as payment systems and consumer protection programs.”

November 2013

Interview–The Ethical Dimension in Impact Investing by Asad Mahmood, former Managing Director of the Global Social Investment Funds at Deutsche Bank in conversation with Ben Thornley, PCV InSight

“Customer service and social value have a lot in common.  The commercial business approach of the private sector offers efficiency and a competitive advantage.  But that competitive advantage can be readily abused because of the nature of the relationships between the businesses and the poor people they serve. There needs to be an industry-wide push toward equilibrium of ethical responsibility and profits.”

November 2013

Case Study–Deutsche Bank Global Commercial Microfinance Consortium 1