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Background and Reason for Forming AEIM

With the growth of the impact investment industry, hundreds of new asset managers with innovative ideas have emerged globally. However, due to their size, niche markets, or youth, these managers lack exposure in the impact investment industry, especially with investors such as foundations, development banks, and other funders. Smaller asset managers do not have a platform for their voices to be heard and to advocate for support to address the challenges that they face with limited resources.

An initial group of 21 impact asset managers from around the world convened and decided to form a no-cost association with rotating leadership amongst members. AEIM will also provide a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and learning from each other. We believe that collectively emerging impact asset managers will have a stronger voice for advocacy towards common goals. We also believe AEIM can help in the creation of dedicated capital allocations from the most prominent impact fund investors, like development banks and foundations, to channel capital and resources to emerging impact managers, with simplification of due diligence processes and standardization of legal documentation where possible


To grow and empower emerging asset managers to play their rightful role in the impact investment industry.


To develop a no-cost platform of like-minded smaller impact asset managers that:

  • 01. To advocate on behalf of emerging asset managers, amplifying their collective voice and visibility within the industry.
  • 02. To establish a collaborative platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and mutual learning among members.
  • 03. To develop a robust and resilient impact investment ecosystem by fostering collaboration amongst leading industry stakeholders.

Next Steps ​

If you are a like-minded emerging asset manager with AUM under $500 million and would like to join AEIM, please send an email to us at:

Current Council Members


Asad Mahmood


Annie Theriault
Managing Partner


Franklin Odoemenam
Managing Partner


John McKenna
Managing Director

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