SIMA Angaza Distributor Finance Fund

Unlocking New Pathways to Scale

Despite promising growth among last-mile distributors in the sector, access to funding remains the primary barrier to scale for the industry. SIMA and Angaza are bringing their market-leading expertise to fill this gap with the SIMA Angaza Distributor Finance Fund.

Debt capital provided by the data-driven fund will allow last-mile distributors to accelerate their growth, expanding access to life-changing products and services for previously underserved consumers in developing countries.

Data-Driven Lending

Potential investors are often put off by high transaction costs and the challenges of assessing risk and asset quality in the last-mile distribution sector.

The SIMA Angaza Distributor Finance Fund overcomes these issues by combining SIMA’s off-grid and last-mile expertise with data insights from the Angaza technology platform. The Fund’s data-driven approach simplifies sourcing and due diligence, surfaces unique insights into distributor performance and streamlines loan monitoring and reporting.

Advancing Gender Equity

Women are most impacted by lack of access to clean energy solutions. However, research has found that the last-mile distribution sector fails to integrate women’s experiences and expertise, exacerbating the gender gap in energy access.

The SIMA Angaza Distributor Finance Fund applies a gender lens to its investment process with the purpose of increasing women’s participation in the sector and generating greater positive impact on the lives of women. With the support of Power Africa and in partnership with 60 Decibels, the Fund provides client, impact, and business insights that enable portfolio companies to develop strategies for advancing gender equity. The Fund also aims to support companies that are founded or led by women, excel in employing and promoting women, or primarily serve female customers.

Interested in funding from the SIMA Angaza Distributor Finance Fund?

Interested in investing in the SIMA Angaza Distributor Finance Fund?


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