Sohail Darwesh

Suhail Darwesh

Position: Vice President - South Asia Region

Suhail holds MBA Finance from Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology and Masters of Economics from University of Karachi. He also holds professional qualifications such as Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), CIMA Advanced Diploma-Management Accounting, UK, and Banking Diploma from the Institute of Bankers Pakistan.

He holds about 20 years of professional experience which includes 15 years of experience with various financial institutions including large local bank, foreign bank, and development financial institutions having core expertise in Credit & Risk Management. Throughout his career, he has been designated in various roles and remains involved in credit initiation & underwriting/approvals of almost all major segments such as Corporate, SME, Retail credits, Micro Finance Institutions, and overseas credit of Bahrain, UAE & UK.

With his Information & Technology expertise, he has also been an active part of developing, testing and implementation of various credit/risk management tools such as Obligor risk rating, Equity Scrip approval, Environmental Risk rating, Financial Spreads Models and Credit Package approvals.