Our mission is to improve the lives of our ultimate customers at the Bottom of the Pyramid by providing demand-driven commercial capital and appropriate advisory solutions to create and scale profitable businesses with exemplary financial, social, and environmental impact.


Our vision is to make social investments an accepted asset class for commercial investors, thereby unleashing appropriate capital to grow profitable, responsible businesses that improve the lives of our ultimate low-income customers.

Philosophy & Culture

SIMA puts social objectives at the forefront of business strategy by integrating social goals into financial goals of the business. Besides clearly targeting social objectives, this strategy also leads to greater profits and reduced risks. We invest in innovative companies that align their business and social goals for improving the lives of low-income customers.

SIMA has a history of innovation and field building, we seek to create a platform for social enterprise by bringing differently motivated monies together to not only invest in high impact sectors but to work on policy, learn by doing and share these learnings, and bring resources to grow young, promising businesses.

In particular, we aim to attract private sector, institutional investors at an earlier stage of development to bring needed finance to the sector and to bring greater transparency and standards required by the institutional sector.

SIMA values transparency, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit.  We believe in transparency of compensation and decision making and empower our employees to be active in the strategy and decision-making process.