Emerging Distributor Finance Fund

The Emerging Distributor Finance Fund (EDFF) is an innovative experimental fund using modernized processes to finance small and mid-sized solar last mile distributors (LMDs).  The EDFF addresses a sector-wide debt financing gap faced by LMDs bringing energy access to hard-to-reach consumers.

Leveraging Data with Expertise

This new age Fund leverages SIMA’s know-how with digitally enabled data to modernize processes and enhance the ability of locally-owned, digitally-enabled off-grid solar companies to access the funding they need to grow.  We use data from multiple sources, including the Angaza Hub, alongside SIMA’s time-tested underwriting scorecard, to streamline the investment process and enhance the investability of promising smaller, locally-owned pay as you go (PAYG) solar companies. Our innovative approach allows us to finance otherwise overlooked off-grid solar LMDs and accelerate the growth of the off-grid energy sector while increasing access to life-changing products for families across developing countries.

Gender Lens


The Fund encourages LMDs to advance gender equity, promoting women’s participation in the company and customer base. It also prioritizes companies led by women, employing women or having policies conducive to women’s employment, and having products and services that work for female customers.

Investors and Partners


The pilot stage of the Fund was financed by leading philanthropic and private investors as founders. The Fund’s investment thesis has been demonstrated, and the Fund is ramping up with reinvestments from its founders and additional funding from new investors.

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Interested in funding from the EDFF?

If you are a digitally enabled company and/or Angaza customer interested in the Emerging Distributor Finance Fund, submit your application using the below link.