Expert Support for Investment and Impact

Advisory Services

We believe achieving both business and social objectives is fundamental to reducing climate change and achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For over 25 years, SIMA’s principals have attained both business and social objectives in impact investments and have placed over $1.5 billion in over 300 social businesses across 50+ countries. SIMA’s team brings expertise, perspective, and passion to our advisory mandates. We leverage our network to forge long-lasting impactful partnerships on behalf of our clients.

For Impact Investors

Impact Investment Advisory +

With over 37 staff located in Africa and South Asia, our team has in-country, on-ground expertise to identify leading social enterprises and structure and execute risk-mitigated investments. We diligence and originate pipelines for USD/Euro-denominated investments in financial inclusion, solar, affordable housing, and education companies at the discretion of clients.

Fundacion Netri | Spain, Africa and Asia
Originated and placed portfolio of impact investments maintaining focus on poverty and climate in Africa and Asia.

Missio Invest | USA and Africa
Supported set-up of impact fund, diligenced and advised on initial transactions in agriculture and microfinance in Africa.

Mercy Corps | USA and Kazakhstan
Completed business valuation and strategic planning to enable international investment.

ESG & Impact Advisory +

SIMA offers in-depth environmental, social, and governance (ESG), gender equity, and impact assessment services to investors and companies. Through our long-term experience, we have developed tools to measure and report upon the attainment of social and environmental goals and align investment strategies with customer impact. Our state-of-the-art services include impact assessment, results-based financing management, impact reporting, and capacity building.

African Guarantee Fund | Pan-Africa
Assessed impacts and ESG performance of a sample of 24 portfolio companies including impacts on end-user customers.

The Fred Hollows Foundation | Australia
Conducted strategic planning exercise and co-developed impact framework.

For Impact Companies  

Investment Advisory +

SIMA provides end-to-end support for clients seeking resources needed to advance their mission. We support clients in business planning, capacity building, investment readiness, fundraising outreach, investor diligence, deal structuring, and closing transactions. We also work with donors in monitoring, evaluating, and reporting, including in results-based financing programs supported by development finance institutions.

BioLite | Africa & USA
Helped raise a $7 Million syndicated loan.

Greenlight Planet | Mozambique
Prepared end-to-end grant application and successfully raised a Euro 4.5 million grant from development finance provider BRILHO.

Lanforce Energy | Zimbabwe
Provided capacity-building support and solicited and successfully raised a Euro 1.1M grant from Modern Cooking Facility for Africa. Monitor, evaluate, and report to donors on business and impact performance.

Advans | Luxembourg, Asia, and Africa
Advised on valuations of microfinance companies in the network, supported business planning, and conducted investor outreach for capital raise.

Corporate Advisory + 

SIMA trains and provides financial guidance and risk management support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to build capacity and become investment-ready. We provide virtual CFO services, budgeting, hedging strategies, MIS development, internal and external reporting, etc. Our team is dedicated to helping young socially motivated businesses successfully tackle challenges.

SOSAI | Nigeria
Supported strengthening of their credit policies, financial controls, and processes.

Zonful | Zimbabwe
Delivered virtual CFO services and provided training in financial controlling and risk management.

Powerlive | Zimbabwe
Managed financial aspects of their business and delivered virtual CFO services.

Why Choose SIMA Advisory Services?

We bring extensive expertise in impact investing, with a deep understanding of the social, environmental, and financial aspects of impactful investments. Our team has a proven track record of successful advisory engagements, working with leading organizations in the field.
We have built strong relationships with a wide range of social businesses, impact investors, foundations, and other stakeholders. This extensive network allows us to connect our clients with relevant partners, resources, and opportunities, facilitating effective collaborations and maximizing impact.
SIMA has extensive experience operating in challenging markets, including low-income communities and emerging economies. We understand the unique complexities and nuances of these markets and offer tailored solutions that address the specific challenges and opportunities they present.
At SIMA, we believe in a holistic approach to impact, considering not only financial returns but also social and environmental outcomes. We work closely with our clients to align their business strategies with their impact goals, ensuring a comprehensive approach to creating positive change.
“SIMA has been a key partner for us in deploying capital to socially motivated companies working in some of the poorest regions of the world. The team brings rich on-the-ground relationships and works with these companies to achieve both financial results and impact goals aligned with our strategic vision.”
Josephine Ragni
Fundacion Netri

Our Impact Partners

At SIMA Funds, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse range of innovative and purpose-driven ventures that are making a positive impact in various sectors. Through our investment and support, we strive to empower these sustainable ventures to create meaningful change in their communities and beyond.

Our Track Record

SIMA Advisory Services has extensive expertise and a successful track record in the field of impact investing and sustainable development.

We have facilitated fundraising syndications and investments for off-grid solar, mini-grid, and microfinance companies, which have amplified their impact and driven sustainable growth.

Conducted comprehensive assessments of diverse portfolios of companies, providing insights into their social and environmental contributions.

Successfully executed impact and climate change investment mandates for foundations, delivering measurable social and environmental outcomes.

Provided expert guidance and strategic advice to companies and acted as a trusted financial advisor to an impactful investment fund.

Acted as a trusted financial advisor to an impactful investment fund with a specific focus on driving agricultural development in Africa, providing invaluable expertise and strategic guidance to support their mission of sustainable and inclusive growth,

Successfully facilitated a EUR 25 million equity raise for a prominent microfinance network, enabling them to expand and empower underserved communities with access to financial services.

Pioneered the establishment of a non-bank finance company in Pakistan, dedicated to providing funding solutions for educational accessibility and empowering marginalized communities.

Implemented and facilitated a social performance assessment framework for Moody's Corporation, fostering a culture of responsible business practices and social impact measurement.


Choose SIMA Advisory Services for expert guidance in driving positive social and environmental change through impactful investments.