Embracing Impact

Our Core Values at SIMA Funds

At SIMA Funds, our core values form the very foundation of our mission and define our approach towards impact investing. Transparency is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring openness and honesty in all our interactions with employees and stakeholders. We employ logic and rigorous analysis to drive informed decision-making, allowing us to navigate the complexities of impact investing with precision and insight. Fairness is the guiding principle that underpins our relationships with clients, partners, and the communities we serve, ensuring equitable outcomes for all. Teamwork is ingrained in our culture, fostering collaboration and synergy as we work together towards a common goal – creating positive social and environmental change. Innovative entrepreneurship drives us to continually explore new frontiers and pioneering groundbreaking financing solutions that amplify our impact and propel us towards a more sustainable and equitable future, for both our employees internally and stakeholders externally.

Driving Impact & Fostering Integrity

Our Values


We believe in complete transparency with employees, investors, and investees. We define clear expectations and offer investment transparency to foster confidence and accountability. Internally, we share all individual compensation details and involve all employees in board meetings. Our practices include conducting 360-degree reviews and implementing HR policies that discourage unproductive and culturally destructive behaviors.


Transparency forces logic which forms the bedrock of our decision-making process and operational strategy. We rely on rational thinking, data-driven insights, and critical analysis to guide our choices.


Transparency and logic are the basis of fairness. We strive to treat all individuals, both within our organization and outside, with equal respect and consideration. We believe in creating a level playing field that promotes diversity, inclusion, and opportunity for everyone.


We believe that by collaborating effectively, we can achieve greater results and overcome challenges that would be insurmountable individually. We value the diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences each team member brings, recognizing that together, we can accomplish more than the sum of our parts. More than 95% of our employees are locally based in the field.

Innovative Entrepreneurship

Innovation is the basis of change in mindsets. We embrace the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, encouraging and empowering our team members to think like innovators and seize opportunities for growth. We foster a culture of creativity, where new ideas are celebrated, and calculated risks are taken.

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