SIMA Launches Solar Green Bond for Small and Medium Solar Developers in Africa

New York, February 07, 2024 – Social Investment Managers and Advisors LLC (SIMA Funds or SIMA) announces the first close of $ 131 million of the $150 million SIMA Commercial & Industrial Solar Green Bond, which will finance small-scale productive-use solar projects throughout Africa. The Bond would be one of the largest impact-driven funds exclusively focused on furthering the C&I […]

Social Investment Managers and Advisors LLC Honored as a Top Impact Company in The 2024 Real Leaders Impact Awards

[New York, 17 January 2024] – Social Investment Managers and Advisors LLC (SIMA) is proud to announce its recognition as one of the 2024 Top Impact Companies by the prestigious Real Leaders Impact Awards. This esteemed accolade recognizes SIMA’s exceptional commitment to creating positive social and environmental impact through its innovative financial solutions and responsible investment practices. In its sixth […]

HER Success Stories: Rwanda’s Energy Revolution with Francine Munyaneza at MUNYAX ECO

Name: Francine Munyaneza Company Name: MUNYAX ECO Ltd. Designation: CEO & Founder Welcome to the HER Success Series, where we spotlight remarkable women shaping the landscape of entrepreneurship. Today, we are privileged to feature Francine Munyaneza, the visionary Rwandan CEO and Founder of MUNYAX ECO. Francine’s entrepreneurial journey is deeply rooted in her personal story, from her upbringing in Europe […]

HER Success Stories: Catherine Adelmann’s Journey of Empowering Sustainable Energy Solutions at Fosera

Name: Catherine Adelmann Company Name: Fosera Designation: Founder and CEO Introducing Catherine Adelmann, the visionary Founder and CEO of Fosera, a pioneering off-grid solar company that has been revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape since its inception in 2011. Catherine’s entrepreneurial journey is intricately woven with a deep-seated passion for sustainable energy solutions, instilled in her by her father, a professor […]

HER Success Stories: Bridging Energy Gap with Heather Onoh at Smarter Grid Int.

Name: Heather Onoh Company Name: Smarter Grid Int. Designation: Chief Executive Officer Meet Heather Onoh, the visionary Chief Executive Officer of Smarter Grid Int., who embarks on an inspiring journey within the dynamic landscape of sustainable energy entrepreneurship. Heather’s narrative unfolds from spearheading the privatization of a 1020 MW thermal power plant to her passionate commitment to bridging the electricity […]

HER Success Stories: Championing Clean Energy Access with Liliane Munezero at WidEnergy Africa Ltd

Name: Liliane Munezero Ndabaneze Company Name: WidEnergy Africa Ltd Designation: Executive Board Director/CEO Embark on the inspiring journey of Liliane Munezero Ndabaneze, the CEO of WidEnergy Africa Ltd, as she takes center stage in the empowering “HER Success Series.” Starting her entrepreneurial voyage in 2012, Liliane’s dedication to meaningful impact and transforming lives through accessible electricity in Zambia is truly […]

HER Success Stories: Judith Marera’s Journey of Impact with Lanforce Energy’s Biogas Pioneering

Name: Judith Marera Company Name: Lanforce Energy Designation: Chief Executive Officer Embark on a journey through resilience and innovation as we shine the spotlight on Judith Marera, the Chief Executive Officer of Lanforce Energy, in the latest installment of our HER Success Stories series. Judith’s entrepreneurial voyage began at a tender age, navigating the Nyakuni Mountain in rural Zimbabwe in […]

HER Success Stories: Illuminating Futures with Sharon Yeti, CEO of Powerlive Zimbabwe

Name:Sharon Yeti Company Name:Powerlive Zimbabwe Designation: CEO Dive into the next chapter of our HER Success Stories as we spotlight the remarkable journey of Sharon Yeti, the tenacious CEO at the helm of Powerlive Zimbabwe. A beacon of hope in the realm of sustainable energy, Powerlive Zimbabwe is a for-profit, women-led social enterprise that champions change. Under Sharon’s leadership, Powerlive […]

HER Success Stories: Lighting the Way with Stella Lunkuse, Managing Director of Solar Nation

Name: Stella Lunkuse Company Name: Solar Nation SMC Ltd Designation: Managing Director Get ready for an inspiring dive into our HER Success Stories Series, where we spotlight trailblazing female entrepreneurs. In the spotlight today is Stella Lunkuse, the driving force behind Solar Nation SMC Ltd in Uganda. Established in 2019, Solar Nation isn’t just a business; it’s a movement towards […]

Celebrating Seven Years of Impact: SIMA Funds’ Remarkable Journey

Today is a special day as we commemorate our seventh anniversary! These past seven years have been a remarkable journey, filled with pivotal moments, significant investments, and pioneering endeavors. As we take this opportunity to reflect on our journey, we are thrilled to share with you the seven defining moments that not only shaped our journey but also paved the […]