Scaling Innovative Impact Investment Solutions through Profitable Businesses
That Improve the Lives of Customers at the Bottom of the Pyramid

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About Us

Who We Are

We are an innovative new-generation, double bottom line impact firm providing asset management, advisory and philanthropic services, and creating new social businesses.

What We Do

SIMA promotes impact investments in for-profit businesses that align with financial, social and environmental goals. We work with individual, institutional, philanthropic and public sector investors to create market-based investment opportunities with mitigated risk.


Fund Management

SIMA has a history of creating innovative funds and bringing together differently motivated institutional, impact and development finance investors for scaling up double bottom line businesses. We use our rich industry experience, expertise, and local presence to offer investments with good returns and social and environmental impact.

Advisory Services

For investors, we advise on investment opportunities in leading solar, financial inclusion and affordable housing companies generating attractive financial returns and measurable impact. For practitioners, we advise social businesses on improving their scale, efficiency, investment readiness and impact results.



deployed in impact
investments in over 20 countries


estimated tons of
CO2 emissions avoided


years of combined
industry experience


cumulatively placed in impact
investments by SIMA’s principals

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