Targeted Assistance to Energy Access Companies Grappling with Pandemic-related Disruptions

Targeted Assistance to Energy Access Companies Grappling with Pandemic-related Disruptions

$108M+ Approved Loan Amount 

97 Companies Received Funding

2.4M+ Metric Tons of CO2 Emissions Avoided

300+ New Full-Time Employees Added

The Fund

The Energy Access Relief Fund (EARF) is a pioneering initiative that offers subordinated, unsecured, and low-cost subsidized loans to energy access companies facing liquidity challenges due to the impact of COVID-19. With a focus on smaller to mid-sized companies serving bottom-of-the-pyramid consumers, the EARF provides crucial financial support during these challenging times. The fund has allocated around 121 loans, primarily targeting amounts below $1 million, ranging from $50,000 to $2.5 million. Since its official launch in September 2021, the EARF has received over 850 applications from sub-Saharan Africa and Asia Pacific. SIMA has streamlined the underwriting process, ensuring swift disbursal of funds, with the fastest loan disbursed within just 7 weeks from the start of due diligence. The application process involves two phases of evaluation against eligibility and underwriting criteria, allowing for efficient assessment of applicants.

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