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Message from the Founders

Dear Friends,

As we reflect on SIMA’s seven years of growth and impact, I am honored to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of you who has played a pivotal role in our collective pursuit of impactful change.

When Michael Rauenhorst and I founded SIMA, with help from Erin Davis, in 2016, our vision was to redefine impact investing and channel the power of financial markets toward sustainable, positive change for end-user customers. We have developed a unique model of a next-generation impact investor that not only endeavors to deliver impact externally but also to ‘walk the walk’ internally and create a company culture that values transparency, logic, fairness, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Not only have we defined a distinctive set of cultural values for our company, but we also have a unique business model. We are one of the few impact asset managers with operating companies such as Asaan Ghar, a fintech affordable mortgage company in Pakistan, and SIMA Impact Foundation, which works at the nexus of philanthropy and impact investing.

SIMA has evolved into an innovative and forward-thinking SEC-registered investment and advisory firm, dedicated to building an impact industry that aligns financial, social, and environmental goals. We have reached over 20 million people with clean energy and reduced over 20 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. We are honored to be one of the top 50 impact fund managers and recognized by other impact investment associations.

Our journey is characterized by many ‘firsts,’ including:

  • Launched the largest off-grid solar Fund of its time in 2017;
  • Initiated the first code of conduct for the off-grid solar sector;
  • Established the first energy access fund responding to the COVID-19 crisis;
  • Set up the first Green Bond targeting small and medium-sized solar developers in the commercial and industrial segments;
  • Founded the first affordable mortgage fintech company in Pakistan; and
  • In the process of launching Sow Good Investments, the first crowdlending platform for retail S. investors providing good financial returns for international impact investment opportunities.

None of these firsts would have been possible without the support and commitment of our investors, partners, and stakeholders. Together, we have raised and managed over USD 320 million and made disbursements to over 130 portfolio companies across 20 emerging market countries as of Dec 31, 2023. We have helped foster industry-building by initiating codes of conduct, adopting environmental and social management systems and scorecards, identifying social, environmental, and gender lens goals that align with business practices, providing technical assistance to borrower companies, and sharing data and lessons learned with stake- holders and peers. Having clear processes and strong relationships has helped us achieve outsized economic, social, and environ- mental impacts for end-user customers.

As we celebrate our achievements, we look forward to the exciting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. One such initiative is the Africa-focused SIMA Multi-Originator Securitization (“MOSEC”) Fund, which is intended to launch in 2024.

With continued support from our stakeholders, SIMA remains confident in our mission to generate positive social and environ- mental impacts through good investments. Our journey is at an early stage with huge potential ahead. It is only with sincerity of purpose and innovative thinking that we will change the status quo.

Thank you for being a crucial part of the SIMA story.

Warm regards,

Asad Mahmood
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Rauenhorst
Managing Partner

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