Fund Management

SIMA’s funds create a platform for scaling up double bottom line businesses by bringing differently motivated investors from the private, philanthropic, and developmental sectors under a common umbrella. We use our deep experience with structuring to offer investment opportunities that cater to multiple risk/return profiles. We are not only an investor but also a field builder; impact investing has a young history and we recognize that the ecosystem around it needs to be built to support a robust industry in collaboration with industry participants and our influential investors.

Sima Fund Management in off-grid solar System

Our Expertise

SIMA is an impact investment manager with 100+ years of combined experience, and its three Managing Partners are among longest-serving fund managers in impact investing. They have invested > $2 billion in social finance and have created 14 debt and equity international impact funds totaling $740 million in microfinance, clean energy, sanitation and health. We are also one of few impact managers with experience managing forex risk to offer local currency financing.

Target Sectors

SIMA is currently focused on the following impact sectors.

Sima Fund Management in off-grid solar


SIMA is committed to reducing social and environmental risks while working to achieve social goals and improve the lives of low-income people. Our Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) is integrated into our investment process and aims to identify and mitigate environmental and social risks and provide guidance and support for our portfolio companies’ management of ESG issues. We believe that a robust ESMS not only helps protect against these risks, but is a necessary prerequisite for achieving social impact goals.