[New York, 17 January 2024] – Social Investment Managers and Advisors LLC (SIMA) is proud to announce its recognition as one of the 2024 Top Impact Companies by the prestigious Real Leaders Impact Awards. This esteemed accolade recognizes SIMA’s exceptional commitment to creating positive social and environmental impact through its innovative financial solutions and responsible investment practices.

In its sixth year, Real Leaders®, a Global Media, CEO network and Certified B Corp, which is dedicated to inspiring the future of business, is thrilled to announce the 2024 Top Impact Companies. With over 500 applications from 15+ countries, the awards ranked privately-owned companies by asking 30 questions within 6 categories of I.M.P.A.C.T (Intention, Model, People, Accountability, Collaboration and Transformation) to vet and rank companies based on those parameters. 

In addition to this prestigious recognition, SIMA has achieved an impressive ranking of 24th in the financial services industry. This remarkable acknowledgment underscores SIMA’s dedication to integrating impact into the core of its financial strategies, creating a model for responsible and sustainable investing within the financial services sector. View the rankings here – https://real-leaders.com/top-impact-companies/ 

Founded on the principles of ethical investing, SIMA has consistently demonstrated leadership in aligning financial success with positive societal outcomes. The company’s impact-focused investment strategies have not only delivered financial returns but have also contributed significantly to addressing global challenges such as poverty alleviation, environmental conservation, and social justice.

“We are honored to be recognized among the 2024 Top Impact Companies by Real Leaders Impact Awards. This acknowledgment reaffirms our commitment to driving positive change through responsible and impactful investment practices,” said Asad Mahmood, CEO at SIMA. “Ranking 24th in the financial services industry is a testament to our team’s dedication to balancing financial success with meaningful contributions to society and the environment.”

SIMA is pleased to announce that its portfolio company, Asaan Ghar Finance Ltd, has won the special Accountability category for Most Transparent Companies in the Real Leaders Impact Awards. This recognition highlights Asaan Ghar Finance Ltd.’s commitment to transparency and ethical practices, reinforcing SIMA’s dedication to partnering with socially responsible businesses.

SIMA’s achievements underscore the growing importance of impact investing in shaping the future of finance, with the company serving as a beacon of inspiration for others in the industry.

About SIMA Funds

Social Investment Managers and Advisors (SIMA), an SEC-registered investment and advisory firm, was founded in 2016 by impact investment managers Asad Mahmood and Michael Rauenhorst. With a combined experience of over two decades in impact investing initiatives, SIMA Funds has invested over $2 billion in over 250 social enterprises across 50 countries. Asset Management, Advisory and Philanthropic Services, and Social Business Establishment are the three operational divisions of SIMA. The company’s mission is to promote impact investments in companies with aligned financial, social, and environmental objectives. With a primary focus on solar energy, financial inclusion, and affordable housing in underdeveloped regions, SIMA collaborates with a vast number of investors to establish market-based opportunities with a mitigated risk.

For more information, please visit www.simafunds.com

For media inquiries, please contact: Vivek S Nair <vivek@simafunds.com>