Situated amidst the beautiful terrain of Cambodia, in the center of Southeast Asia, OTAGO Pte. Ltd. is an innovative organization dedicated to the conversion of waste materials into a sustainable source of optimism. OTAGO was founded with the intention of contributing to environmental sustainability by specializing in the manufacturing of charcoal briquettes that are ecofriendly and made from biomass waste, specifically coconut shells.

OTAGO has maintained an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and community welfare since its establishment, constructing a discourse on sustainability that transcends the confines of its manufacturing facility. The organization shows that it wants to provide people power, both within the company and in the areas it serves. By offering long-term jobs and environmentally friendly goods, OTAGO is shedding light on a way to a better and more stable future, one in which caring for the environment and economic growth coexist peacefully.

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    "We are grateful for SIMA's support and their pivotal role in our journey. In 2021, through the Energy Access Relief Fund, SIMA provided OTAGO with a lifeline that proved instrumental in navigating the turbulent waters of the COVID-19 pandemic. The loan extended by SIMA came at a pivotal moment, helping us sustain our cash flow during one of the most challenging times that our business had faced so far. This invaluable support not only ensured the continuity of our business operations but also laid the foundation for our future growth and expansion. SIMA's dedication to making a difference in the world is not just evident through their financial support, but also through the trust they placed in our vision and their close collaboration throughout the years."
    Carlo Figà Talamanca
    Founder & CEO of OTAGO Pte. Ltd.

    A Symbiotic Collaboration – OTAGO and the Energy Access Relief Fund

    This partnership between OTAGO and EARF is a turning point. SIMA Funds started EARF to help businesses and projects that want to make it easier for people to get clean, long-lasting energy solutions, especially in places where those solutions are still hard to get to. OTAGO’s aim is to turn biomass waste into charcoal briquettes in an eco-friendly way. This fits perfectly with EARF’s goal of promoting cleaner energy practices in areas that need them.

    The support from EARF has been crucial for OTAGO to be able to keep running, even when the economy was poor, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. EARF gave OTAGO the money it needed to keep making charcoal briquettes, even though they had to do so at a lower capacity. This kept the company from having to lay off workers or interrupt operations. This helped make OTAGO’s cash flow a lot stronger, which meant that important bills like paychecks and payments to suppliers could be paid, protecting jobs, and keeping the business going.

    The partnership with EARF has also been very important to OTAGO’s growth and progress. This helped OTAGO focus on making process changes and better handling of raw materials, which increased production capacity and efficiency. The prestigious ISO9001 quality approval for OTAGO’s production process shows that the company is dedicated to making things better and more efficient.

    Economic Triumph: Navigating Challenges, Fostering Growth

    A key economic outcome of OTAGO’s intervention, which was supported by EARF, was the organization’s ability to maintain operations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 60% of OTAGO’s clientele comprised restaurants and street food purveyors, industries that were profoundly affected by the pandemic as a result of restrictions and diminished consumer demand. OTAGO continued to supply these businesses with eco-friendly charcoal briquettes, thus aiding in their recuperation, with the assistance of EARF funds. OTAGO’s capacity to maintain and generate employment opportunities in the communities it services amidst such a difficult business climate is a substantial indication of the company’s economic resilience.

    Furthermore, this resiliency significantly impacted the way the organization operated as a whole. Amidst the waning difficulties of the pandemic, OTAGO experienced a noteworthy triumph in 2022, wherein its sales and production metrics reached an unprecedented peak. This extraordinary accomplishment signifies a 25% surge in comparison to 2019, the organization’s preeminent year in terms of performance.

    OTAGO’s economic intervention via EARF has not only ensured the company’s own sustainability but has also fostered the expansion and prosperity of the communities it operates in. It has sustained and generated employment opportunities by aiding the recovery of local restaurants and small businesses; thus, it has contributed to economic expansion. The sustained economic growth and resilience attained by OTAGO serve as an inspiring example that demonstrates the profound impact that sustainable business practices and significant partnerships can have.

    Pioneering Growth : Key Milestones Achieved

    An important milestone that has been accomplished with the assistance of EARF investment is the significant improvement in the refining of raw materials. This enhancement has not only increased the efficiency of OTAGO but also substantially augmented its capability to manufacture environmentally sustainable charcoal briquettes. OTAGO has successfully executed the conversion of biomass waste, mainly coconut shells, into sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions, thereby attaining a dual-pronged benefit. This procedure signifies not only a more environmentally sustainable approach, but also production that is more scalable, cost-effective, and efficient.

    Quantitatively speaking, tangible progress has resulted from this investment. The unprecedented increase in production levels reflects the organization’s dedication to both quality and sustainability. The revenue figures of OTAGO’s environmentally sustainable charcoal briquettes attest to this achievement. These significant achievements highlight the lasting influence of SIMA Funds’ assistance, demonstrating that the integration of sustainability, innovation, and community involvement can shed light on a trajectory of expansion that not only advantages OTAGO but also the ecosystem and localities it serves.

    Fueling Growth : OTAGO’s Expanding Market Reach with EARF

    Since the commencement of the collaboration, OTAGO has witnessed a remarkable expansion of its consumer base. As an increasing number of consumers purchase their eco-friendly charcoal briquettes, the company’s revenue has grown. The company has experienced growth in its market share on a global scale, as its environmentally friendly product has garnered acclaim and increased in popularity across multiple sectors.

    Referring to specific data, OTAGO experienced an approximate 30% expansion in its customer base during the initial year of its collaboration with SIMA Funds. The clientele and market presence growth indicates the collaboration’s favorable effects, fortifying OTAGO’s standing within the environmentally sustainable charcoal briquette sector.

    Greening the Future : Reducing Emissions and Fostering Sustainability

    The OTAGO sustainable char-briquettes have demonstrated a noteworthy environmental accomplishment in the form of a measurable decline in carbon emissions. OTAGO achieved a remarkable sales volume of 1,219,627 kilograms of these environmentally friendly char-briquettes in the year 2022. Through the substitution of conventional charcoal manufacturing techniques that depend on illicit harvesting in untapped forests, the organization has made a substantial stride in the mitigation of carbon emissions. Because of this transition, an estimated 7,171 kilograms of CO2 emissions have been prevented. The environmental benefits of OTAGO’s eco-friendly approach are evidenced by the significant decrease in question.

    In addition to bolstering OTAGO’s financial resilience and expansion, the EARF investment, which was facilitated by SIMA Funds, has been instrumental in advancing environmental stewardship and combating climate change. This collaborative effort exemplifies the capacity of enterprises to concurrently tackle economic, social, and environmental obstacles, thereby fostering a future characterized by sustainability and resilience.

    Empowering Communities : OTAGO’s Economic Impact

    Amid economic difficulties, OTAGO’s dedication to its local communities emerges as an inspiring example. The company’s resiliency not only guaranteed its own survival but also helped its consumers, who were predominantly restaurants and street food vendors, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The recovery of these enterprises was significantly aided by OTAGO’s provision of environmentally friendly charcoal briquettes. Through its support of these small enterprises, OTAGO made a positive contribution to economic empowerment and safeguarded the continuity of employment opportunities.

    A Beacon of Sustainability

    In summary, the partnership between OTAGO Pte. Ltd. and EARF demonstrates the way towards a more sustainable and optimistic future. This exemplifies the capabilities of partnerships that advocate for community resilience, environmental sustainability, and economic empowerment. This partnership serves as an exemplar of sustainability and optimism, showcasing the transformative power of inventive approaches and committed assistance. By leveraging the efforts of organizations such as EARF and the steadfast dedication of corporations like OTAGO, we are collectively progressing towards a more sustainable and promising future.

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