Regain37 stands as a borrower from SIMA Fund’s Energy Access Relief Fund, illuminating a path toward positive change in Zimbabwe’s challenging educational environment. As an innovative for-profit social enterprise, Regain37 is committed to fostering world-class citizenship through the use of intelligent, sustainable technologies. By collaborating with the Energy Access Relief Fund of the SIMA Fund, they are revolutionizing access to education and fostering sustainable development in underserved communities.

In Zimbabwe, disparities in education and limited access to dependable electricity impede the growth and opportunities of innumerable children. Nonetheless, the partnership between Regain37 and the Energy Access Relief Fund of the SIMA Fund is altering the narrative. By leveraging the resources and expertise of the Energy Access Relief Fund of the SIMA Fund, Regain37 is expanding its reach and impact, empowering education and fostering sustainable progress in Zimbabwean communities.

Regain37’s innovative approach combines technology and sustainable solutions to close the educational divide. By providing marginalized students with access to digital learning resources, interactive technology, and reliable electricity, they are removing obstacles and opening doors of opportunity.

With the support of the Energy Access Relief Fund of the SIMA Fund, Regain37 is able to reach more students and communities in need. This collaboration is generating a brighter future for underserved communities in Zimbabwe by addressing the educational challenges and energy disparities.

Join us as we investigate the dynamic partnership between Regain37 and SIMA Fund’s Energy Access Relief Fund, where education and sustainable development intersect to empower change and illuminate the path to a better future.

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    About Regain37 – Illuminating Paths to Learning


    Regain37, a forward-thinking For-Profit Social Enterprise, has emerged as a beacon of optimism in Zimbabwe, illuminating learning pathways and driving positive change. Regain37 is a registered private limited company founded in 2018 as the brainchild of Zimbabwe’s Smart Sustainable Cities Initiative and dedicated to creating world-class citizenship through smart sustainable technologies.

    Regain37 is at the forefront of empowering underserved children and women in off-grid communities through its unique strategic business divisions, Smart Education and Smart Health. Their slogan, “Creating World Class Citizenship,” encapsulates their unwavering mission to enable stakeholders in the smart sustainable technologies sector to participate in programs and initiatives that have a positive effect on their communities.

    Regain37’s objectives are ambitious but achievable. Within the next six years, they hope to have a positive impact on marginalized children and women while effectively marketing Zimbabwe as a smart, sustainable, technology-driven economy. With a mission to be the premier platform for Zimbabwe’s leaders, foreign investors, and the public and private sectors, Regain37 endeavors to leverage the potential of smart, sustainable cities and propel Zimbabwe into a more prosperous future.

    As a borrower of SIMA Fund’s Energy Access Relief Fund, Regain37 has made significant progress toward its mission by leveraging the support and resources provided. Regain37 is reshaping the educational landscape and empowering communities with sustainable technologies via its innovative programs and initiatives.

    "Kudos to the Energy Access Relief Fund, it really came on time. At the peak of COVID-19, schools suffered due to lockdown, and in Africa, it was a very long schools’ lockdown. It meant that we were commercially redundant. So, the Energy Access Relief Fund really helped us to pick ourselves up."

    Collaboration for Educational Empowerment

    SIMA Funds and Regain37 have joined forces to enhance education in underserved communities and bridge the digital divide. Through their partnership, they are empowering educators, utilizing sustainable technologies, and providing access to high-quality education.

    Recognizing the transformative potential of Regain37, the Energy Access Relief Fund (EARF) of SIMA Funds provided essential financial assistance. This partnership has allowed Regain37 to expand the reach of its innovative educational programs to more underserved students.

    Regain37 employs innovative, eco-friendly technologies to build dynamic learning environments, bridging the digital divide and motivating students. In addition, they have expanded their network of qualified educators to ensure that every child receives a superior education.

    This collaboration has a profound effect. It multiplies the number of lives transformed through education by Regain37’s efforts. SIMA Funds and Regain37 are reshaping the educational landscape by bridging the digital divide and imparting students with hope and empowerment.

    Together, they are catalysts for educational empowerment, driving sustainable progress, and illuminating the path to a more prosperous and equitable future for all.

    Illuminating Minds, Transforming Lives

    Energy Access Relief Fund (EARF) and Regain37’s collaboration have had a remarkable impact, illuminating the minds of underserved students and profoundly altering their lives. Detailed facts and figures illustrate the tangible results resulting from their combined efforts:

    1. Number of Underserved Students Directly Benefiting from Regain37’s Energy Access Relief Fund-Funded Educational Programmes: More than 44,800 students have directly benefited from the educational programs of Regain37. These programs have given previously disadvantaged students access to quality education.

    2. Increase in Student Enrollment or Participation attributable to Improved Digital Learning Infrastructure: Schools with improved digital learning infrastructure have seen a 40% increase in enrollment. This increase is especially noteworthy in Early Childhood Development (ECD) classes, where students now have access to enhanced educational resources and technologies.

    3. Impact on Regain37’s Financial Ability to Reach More Students and Expand Educational Programs: The EARF Loan of $150,000 has substantially increased Regain37’s revenue. The loan helped produce an additional $160,000 in the first year (2022-23), and they anticipate an additional $180,000 in the second year (2024-25). This financial assistance has allowed Regain37 to increase its scope and impact.

    4. Increase in Academic Performance and Learning Outcomes, as Measured by Standardised Tests, for Participating Students:
    • Twenty schools out of the 66 participating in Regain37’s STEMs program have made remarkable progress in multiple areas:
    • Utilisation of digital content has increased:
      • Lessening of digital marginalization.
      • Enhancement of interactivity in educational environments.
      • Enhanced learner achievement.
      • Enhanced teacher preparation and professional growth.
    1. Number of Educators or Teachers Who Received Professional Development or Training from Regain37: Through Regain37-facilitated training and professional development opportunities, the collaboration has empowered an additional 320 school faculty and staff. This investment in educators guarantees the provision of quality education and fosters a culture of continuous school improvement.

    2. Increase in Graduation Rates or Educational Attainment by Percentage Among the Target Population: The average pass rate at schools receiving Regain37’s comprehensive services has increased by 30%. This increase in graduation rates and educational attainment demonstrates the transformative power of enhanced learning resources and access to high-quality education.

    3. Number of Schools Equipped with Renewable Energy Solutions, Thanks to the Energy Access Relief Fund: This partnership has enabled the installation of solar panels and other renewable energy solutions in twenty additional schools. This access to reliable and sustainable energy not only provides electricity to classrooms but also paves the way for a more environmentally conscious and sustainable educational setting.

    These remarkable figures and results demonstrate the collaboration between SIMA Funds and Regain37’s significant impact. They are genuinely illuminating minds and transforming lives in underserved communities by directly benefiting tens of thousands of students, boosting academic performance, empowering educators, and increasing access to high-quality education.

    Empowering Communities, Enabling Progress

    Beyond education, the collaboration between SIMA Funds Energy Access Relief Fund (EARF) and Regain37 empowers communities, stimulates economic growth, and promotes sustainable practices. Access to superior education and renewable energy solutions transforms lives and drives progress.

    Through this partnership, marginalized communities are undergoing a positive transformation. Education serves as a catalyst for development, expanding opportunities, and expanding horizons. Renewable energy solutions promote economic growth, create employment, and stimulate local economies. Concurrently, sustainable practices are adopted, thereby decreasing reliance on non-renewable resources and fostering a verdant future.

    The effect is evident in the anecdotes shared by students, teachers, and members of the community. Students express appreciation for newly discovered opportunities and enhanced educational experiences. Educators observe the transformative effects of high-quality education, including increased engagement and enhanced academic performance. Members of the community celebrate progress, economic opportunities, and a greater sense of independence.

    This partnership illustrates the potential for positive change. It empowers individuals, elevates communities, and paves the way for long-term progress. The collaborative efforts of EARF and Regain37, funded by SIMA, demonstrate the transformative potential of education and renewable energy and serve as a model for global progress.

    A Future Illuminated by Education

    Energy Access Relief Fund (EARF) and Regain37 have illuminated a path to a brighter and more equitable future for underserved communities in Zimbabwe through their collaboration. This transformative partnership exemplifies the effectiveness of investing in education, renewable energy, and innovative solutions.

    EARF and Regain37 have eliminated barriers to education, granting tens of thousands of underserved students access to quality education as a result of their collaborative efforts. Enhanced infrastructure for digital learning has increased student enrollment and participation. The EARF’s financial support has allowed Regain37 to expand its influence and promote academic excellence.

    Beyond statistics, the impact narrative is shaped by the edifying accounts of students, instructors, and members of the community. Education has created new opportunities, imparted hope, and sparked ambitions. Renewable energy solutions have enhanced economic development and environmental stewardship.

    Investing in renewable energy and education is an investment in the future of underserved communities. It cultivates children’s unrealized potential and enables them to catalyze positive change. Collective action is exemplified by SIMA Funds and Regain37’s collaborative efforts.

    Their commitment radiates as beacons of hope in a world of inequality. They envisage a future in which every child in Zimbabwe has access to high-quality education and becomes a community leader. This future is characterized by empowered individuals, prosperous societies, and progress that is sustainable.

    Let their journey motivate us to invest in education, renewable energy, and innovative solutions as we conclude this impact narrative. Let us collaborate to illuminate the path to a more promising future, ensuring that no infant is left in the darkness of limited opportunities.


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