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Empowering Lives With Solar Energy Solutions

The mission of Sun King, a pioneering off-grid solar energy company, is to power access to brighter lives. With an emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, Sun King seeks to provide sustainable energy solutions for the 1.8 billion people who lack access to reliable energy sources. Since its founding in 2009, Sun King has been at the forefront of transforming the lives of millions of people through the development of innovative solar products.

Sun King caters to over 100 million customers across 65 nations with the dedicated support of 2,500 staff and 24,000 field agents who are engaged in the sale, installation, and servicing of solar systems. Off-grid households and businesses have diverse energy requirements, which are met by the company’s diverse array of solar solutions. From cost-effective and long-lasting lamps to robust home and commercial energy systems, as well as cutting-edge entertainment and energy storage options, Sun King’s products enable individuals to attain a higher quality of living.

In regions where grid-based electricity remains elusive, Sun King fills the energy void. Over 1.8 billion people cannot access or afford the traditional electrical grid, forcing them to live in the dark or rely on costly, polluting, and hazardous alternatives such as petroleum fuels and gas-powered generators for light and power. As a result of the lack of electricity, many are forced to travel long distances to charge their mobile phones, locate suitable study spaces, or complete their daily tasks.

Sun King’s dedication to providing dependable, cutting-edge energy solutions enables individuals to live safer, more productive lives. By providing reliable off-grid power, Sun King enables communities to realize their maximum potential, removing obstacles and paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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    “The collaboration with SIMA Funds, via their Off-Grid Solar and Financial Access Fund I, has been a key factor in Sun King's journey of growth and evolution. SIMA not only served as our inaugural lender but also acted as a wellspring of innovation and insight in financial matters. With their backing, we've managed to expand our operations, bring energy access to over 100 million people, and create significant local employment opportunities across Africa and Asia. As we move forward, we are certain that our sustained partnership with SIMA will further bolster our commitment to democratising clean energy access for all."
    Anish Thakkar

    Illuminating Lives Through Impactful Partnership

    Sun King’s partnership with SIMA Funds has helped shape the company’s development and supercharge its growth. As a prominent provider of off-grid solar energy solutions in Africa and Asia, Sun King’s partnership with SIMA Funds has been instrumental in advancing the latter’s mission to empower lives with access to clean and sustainable energy. SIMA Funds’ early investment in Sun King is at the center of this fruitful and enduring partnership. This initial investment, the Sun King’s first-ever loan, provided the company with the necessary capital to scale its operations and expand its reach into marginalized communities. The infusion of capital not only allowed Sun King to enhance its production and distribution capabilities but also played a crucial role in attracting additional investment from other parties. Beyond financial assistance, the cross-industry knowledge of SIMA Funds has been a game-changer for Sun King. With a comprehensive understanding of the off-grid solar and microfinance industries, SIMA has been a valuable strategic partner, providing insightful advice. This knowledge has enabled Sun King to refine its internal processes as well as enhance its reporting mechanisms and business strategy. The partnership between Sun King and SIMA Funds exemplifies the transformative potential of impact investing. Together, they are driving positive change, illuminating millions of lives, and delivering sustainable energy solutions in communities where access to reliable electricity is hard to come by. As the partnership continues to flourish, Sun King remains committed to empowering more communities, and SIMA Funds continues to stand by its side, catalyzing development and improving the future for all.

    Achieving Milestones and Overcoming Challenges with SIMA Funds

    The investment by SIMA Funds has helped Sun King achieve critical milestones and surmount business obstacles, propelling the company toward its mission of empowering access to brighter lives.

    With the initial investment of $11 million from SIMA Funds in 2020, Sun King was able to expand its production and distribution capabilities to meet expanding demand and enter new markets in Africa and Asia. More than a financial backer, SIMA proved to be a collaborative partner, ready to work with other investors to meet Sun King’s evolving needs. Contrary to solely attracting the funding, SIMA willingly partnered with other investors, contributing to the collective effort that led to additional funding to the tune of $70 million in 2020.

    The partnership between Sun King and SIMA Funds is an example of how impact investing can promote positive change and provide sustainable energy access to millions of people around the world. Together, they are unleashing brighter futures for communities and advancing a shared vision of a world that is cleaner and more empowered.

    Energy Access and Financial Support

    About 800 million individuals worldwide have intermittent access to traditional electric grid infrastructure, while another 770 million have no access at all. Sun King, the world’s foremost off-grid solar energy company, has a significant impact by providing solar solutions to 18 million homes and businesses in Africa and Asia. Sun King’s mission, with over 21 million solar products sold, is to provide access to brighter lifestyles.

    Sun King provides more than just solar products. They have extended solar loans totalling $700 million to low- and middle-income households. These loans allow customers to pay for solar systems in small instalments. This approach eliminates the substantial up-front financial barrier that often prevents people from switching to solar energy, allowing them to realize savings by reducing expenditures on costly kerosene and petrol.

    The influence and expansion of Sun King demonstrate the transformative potential of off-grid solar solutions. With the assistance of SIMA Funds, Sun King’s reach expands, creating a brighter future possible for millions of people around the world. This partnership demonstrates the potential of impact investing to empower sustainable initiatives and make a positive impact in marginalized communities.

    Job Creation and Empowering Women

    Through its network of local sales agents, Sun King’s business model provides reliable solar energy solutions to underserved communities and generates high-quality employment opportunities.  Sun King’s presence in Africa and Asia consists of roughly 24,000 active sales agents.

    Sun King’s dedication to empowering women in the workforce is a notable aspect of its strategy. Nearly half of all sales agents are female, and their employment has led to an average income increase of 30%. These opportunities not only help support families meet their economic needs but also contribute to gender equality and the economic empowerment of women.

    SIMA Funds has been a crucial ally in supporting Sun King’s endeavors to create jobs and empower women. SIMA’s early investment and ongoing support as an impact investor have enabled Sun King to expand its operations and create more jobs.

    The success of the partnership demonstrates the potential of impact investing in fostering positive social change, nurturing economic transformation, and empowering women in underserved regions. Sun King and SIMA Funds are illuminating lives and paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future by working together.

    Measurable Impact on Market Share and Customer Base

    The partnership between SIMA Funds and Sun King has had a significant impact on the company’s market presence and consumer base. As Sun King’s first lender, SIMA’s initial investment paved the way for the company’s extraordinary development and expansion.

    Sun King, the industry leader in off-grid solar energy, is committed to providing pure and sustainable energy access to those who lack access to reliable energy sources. Sun King has had a significant impact on marginalized communities through its wide variety of solar solutions.

    Not only did SIMA’s initial $11 million investment provide capital to expand operations but it also validated Sun King’s business model, attracting additional investment. 

    The collaboration with SIMA Funds brought invaluable cross-industry expertise, which assisted Sun King in optimising processes and strategies. By helping validate the business model and credibility of Sun King, SIMA’s partnership attracted additional investment from other parties.

    The collaborative approach and sensitivity to Sun King’s financial requirements demonstrated SIMA Funds’ commitment to their mutual success. The willingness to collaborate with other investors demonstrates adaptability and support for Sun King’s overarching goals.

    Sun King has a market presence in 65 countries, distributing over 21 million solar products to 18 million homes and enterprises, thereby illuminating the lives of over 100 million people worldwide.

    In conclusion, the strategic investment made by SIMA Funds in Sun King has helped facilitate transformational growth. SIMA enabled Sun King’s mission to provide sustainable energy access to marginalized communities by providing financial support and technical assistance. The partnership serves as an illustrative example of the potential of impact investing to foster positive change and create enduring social impact, thereby empowering millions of people worldwide.

    Paving The Way For Solar Access

    The knowledge of SIMA improved Sun King’s processes and strategy. This partnership illustrates impact investors’ impact by empowering women-led businesses, generating employment, and uplifting communities.

    The efforts of Sun King have been monumental, providing electricity to over 100 million people. Through the use of 21 million solar products and $60 million in financing, they are able to reduce reliance on polluting fuels.

    As Sun King and SIMA continue their innovative work, their collaboration serves as a paradigm for sustainable solutions, inspiring a brighter and more sustainable future in Africa and Asia. It is impossible to exaggerate the transformative effect of their collaboration in promoting solar access and sustainability. This extraordinary partnership serves as a potent catalyst for positive change and advancement, sparking hope for a better world.

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