The reality is that in the impact investment industry today, there is far more discussion than action, especially on the institutional side of the industry. It has long been argued that sources of capital, beyond aid, are required to close the financing gap required to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In light of this financing gap in the forefront of our minds, and the desire to further impact investing, Social Investment Managers & Advisors (SIMA Funds) partnered with Tamer Center for Social Enterprise at Columbia University and MetLife to showcase the work that has already been done. Rather than a theoretical discussion, we took a practical approach to look at the billions already invested in the sector.

As the interest in impact investing increases, we wanted to invite pension funds, churches, endowments, foundations, banks, and family offices to speak about what they have already achieved in the sector. This idea broadened into producing a booklet that would showcase these institutional investors and document what they have already achieved in the impact investing space. It is our hope that by highlighting these pioneering institutional impact investors in this booklet and disseminating the results across the sector, we can provide useful insights by those that have already taken action and encourage other institutions to do the same.

In doing so it is our hope that more capital can be allocated to impact investing and address the huge gap in financing needed to address the UN SDGs ($2.5 trillion per year*). We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the investors who took the time to be interviewed for this project and provide us with great insight into their impact investing approach.

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