HER Success Stories: Illuminating Futures with Sharon Yeti, CEO of Powerlive Zimbabwe

Name:Sharon Yeti Company Name:Powerlive Zimbabwe Designation: CEO Dive into the next chapter of our HER Success Stories as we spotlight the remarkable journey of Sharon Yeti, the tenacious CEO at the helm of Powerlive Zimbabwe. A beacon of hope in the realm of sustainable energy, Powerlive Zimbabwe is a for-profit, women-led social enterprise that champions change. Under Sharon’s leadership, Powerlive […]

HER Success Stories: Lighting the Way with Stella Lunkuse, Managing Director of Solar Nation

Name: Stella Lunkuse Company Name: Solar Nation SMC Ltd Designation: Managing Director Get ready for an inspiring dive into our HER Success Stories Series, where we spotlight trailblazing female entrepreneurs. In the spotlight today is Stella Lunkuse, the driving force behind Solar Nation SMC Ltd in Uganda. Established in 2019, Solar Nation isn’t just a business; it’s a movement towards […]

Celebrating Seven Years of Impact: SIMA Funds’ Remarkable Journey

Today is a special day as we commemorate our seventh anniversary! These past seven years have been a remarkable journey, filled with pivotal moments, significant investments, and pioneering endeavors. As we take this opportunity to reflect on our journey, we are thrilled to share with you the seven defining moments that not only shaped our journey but also paved the […]

Empowering Solar Energy: 5 Key Takeaways from the 5th Edition of Unlocking Solar Capital (USC) Africa

A strong partnership between Solarplaza, GOGLA, the Uganda Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, and regional business organizations has resulted in the 5th edition of Unlocking Solar Capital (USC) Africa. Collaboration between several solar energy sector stakeholders, including investors, project developers, and service providers, is sparked by this significant event. The conference highlights the most recent advancements in technology and […]

Celebrating One Year of Asaan Ghar Finance Limited: A New Era of Islamic Home Financing in Pakistan

Celebrating One Year of Asaan Ghar Finance Limited: A New Era of Islamic Home Financing in Pakistan Asaan Ghar Finance Limited (AGFL), a project of Social Investment Managers & Advisors, LLC (SIMA), is happy to commemorate its first anniversary, which marks the company’s successful journey of offering ethical, client-focused Islamic home finance options to communities in Pakistan. The ultimate of AGFL […]