Celebrating Seven Years of Impact: SIMA Funds’ Remarkable Journey

Today is a special day as we commemorate our seventh anniversary! These past seven years have been a remarkable journey, filled with pivotal moments, significant investments, and pioneering endeavors. As we take this opportunity to reflect on our journey, we are thrilled to share with you the seven defining moments that not only shaped our journey but also paved the […]

New Board Member David Sullivan Joins SIMA Funds, Bringing 35 Years of Financial Expertise

New York, 25 September 2023 — SIMA Funds, a prominent SEC-registered investment and advisory firm specializing in impact investing, is proud to announce the addition of David Sullivan to its distinguished Advisory Board. The appointment of David Sullivan, who has over three decades of experience in the financial services industry, strengthens SIMA’s commitment to promoting positive economic, social, and environmental […]

SIMA Funds Welcomes Dennis White, Former MetLife Foundation CEO, to Its Board of Directors

New York, 20 September 2023 — SIMA Funds, the pioneering SEC-registered investment and advisory firm known for its commitment to impact investing, is pleased to announce the addition of Dennis White to its Advisory Board. Mr. White, the former President and CEO of the MetLife Foundation offers a wealth of experience and knowledge to the SIMA team in the fields […]