BIO is an early investor in the Off-Grid Solar and Financial Access Senior Debt Fund of SIMA. We are very grateful to BIO for their support and engagement that have contributed to the further development of SIMA as an impact fund manager.

Our CEO and Manager Partner, Asad Mahmood, narrates SIMA’s impact story and describes it as a company with a unique business philosophy and culture that holds transparency and inclusiveness as its core values.

Known for creating a balance between social and commercial goals, we have engaged in innovative impact investment practices that have helped the company to achieve great milestones over the years.

For instance, SIMA took the opportunity to invest in microfinance and off-grid solar when these industries were not very popular. SIMA’s principles were one of the first private investors in Indian microfinance sector at a very early stage. We were also the first fund managers to create a fund outside of microfinance in the health industry in 2008. And we were the first investor to recognize the potential of and have given a $4 million loan to d.light in 2010.

“When we started impact investing 25 years ago, I had to spend half an hour explaining what microfinance was. That has changed.”

Asad Mahmood, CEO of SIMA

The article further discusses the overall evolution of SIMA in the investment, fund management, and advisory business. You can learn more about the journey of SIMA Funds here.