Celebrating One Year of Asaan Ghar Finance Limited: A New Era of Islamic Home Financing in Pakistan

Asaan Ghar Finance Limited (AGFL), a project of Social Investment Managers & Advisors, LLC (SIMA), is happy to commemorate its first anniversary, which marks the company’s successful journey of offering ethical, client-focused Islamic home finance options to communities in Pakistan. The ultimate of AGFL is to enable the middle class to buy the homes of their dreams, accumulate wealth, and raise their standard of living.

As a registered and licensed non-bank housing finance company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), AGFL has achieved tremendous progress towards its goals of fostering affordability and encouraging home ownership.

A Year of Perseverance and Growth

For the past three months, the average market mortgage disbursement has decreased by 63% MoM, but AGFL has nevertheless been able to post a $462K portfolio with nine customers. Via AGFL, eight of these clients now possess their very own residences (with 89% owning a home for the first time). The business’s success can be ascribed to its concentration on three profitable retail industries: the food industry, supermarkets, and medical supplies.

The percentage of salaried clients is expected to rise from its present level of 12% to 30% in 2023 as AGFL broadens its reach. This expansion underscores AGFL’s commitment to assisting more people and families in realizing their dream of home ownership.

Navigating Challenges and Achieving Milestones

Even though AGFL has had difficulty meeting its total portfolio target, the company has demonstrated resilience and adaptation. In contrast to the industry average of 53%, AGFL has the lowest application acceptance ratio of 25%, indicating a strong commitment to upholding its high standards and safeguarding the financial security of its investors.

The company was able to surpass its portfolio yield goals, demonstrating the efficiency of its strategy and the value it offers to its clients.

Financial Stability and a Promising Future

AGFL’s total current monthly collections cover almost 50% of its monthly operating expenses (OPEX). As a result, the monthly profit coverage to monthly OPEX currently stands at 32%. This progress puts AGFL on track to achieve monthly operational break-even by the end of the third quarter of 2023, paving the way for a sustainable and successful future.

A Year to Celebrate and Remember

As we commemorate Asaan Ghar Finance Limited’s first year in business, it is critical to acknowledge the enormous successes the company has made in just a year. Despite the challenges faced due to macro-environmental factors like political uncertainty and rising inflation, AGFL demonstrated persistence and gave Pakistan’s underserved population access to home financing.

The organization differentiates itself based on its adherence to moral Islamic financing principles, constant devotion to its clients, and an emphasis on enabling the middle class to acquire their dream homes. The accomplishments of the previous year are a result of the dedication, enthusiasm, and tenacity of the whole AGFL team. There is little question that AGFL will carry on expanding and thriving in the years to come, making a positive difference in the lives of countless Pakistani families.

Key Takeaways from AGFL’s First Year

  • AGFL has maintained a strong portfolio and remained committed to its purpose of expanding access to home financing in underserved areas.
  • The company’s emphasis on profitable retail sectors, such as food companies, supermarkets, and medical supply stores, has been crucial in fostering portfolio expansion.
  • AGFL has shown its dedication to responsible financing by sticking to a careful underwriting policy and maintaining a low application acceptance ratio. This has also ensured the financial security of its investors.
  • The consistent progress AGFL has made towards achieving monthly break-even as well as the rise in the percentage of clients who are salaried speak to the company’s long-term viability, portfolio diversification, and potential for expansion.
  • The first anniversary of AGFL is an occasion to honor the company’s outstanding accomplishments and anticipate ongoing success and a positive impact on society in the years to come.


The first-year anniversary of Asaan Ghar Finance Ltd is a celebration of tenacity, expansion, and the beneficial effects the business has had on its clients and the larger community. The AGFL has laid a solid foundation for future success by being true to its objective, supporting moral Islamic finance principles, and concentrating on empowering the middle class. As we take stock of the accomplishments of the previous year, we are encouraged and hopeful about the possibility that AGFL will continue to improve the lives of numerous families in Pakistan through ethical and affordable housing financing options.

The firm’s dedication to its clients, unrelenting tenacity, and innovative approach to Islamic mortgage lending pave the way for an even more prosperous and significant future. As we commemorate this achievement, we also look ahead to the future being certain that AGFL will continue to shatter barriers, promote financial inclusion, and help more middle-class families around the country achieve their dreams of homeownership.

Let us take a moment to applaud in honor of Asaan Ghar Finance Ltd, its hardworking team, and all the families whose lives have been improved by the organization’s efforts in the last year. Here is to many more years of achievement, expansion, and considerable influence in the field of Islamic mortgage lending.

Happy Anniversary, AGFL! Onwards and Upwards.